Asian Hornet

What is the Asian Hornet?

An invasive non-native hornet originally from Asia. Suspected sightings should be reported immediately. A highly aggressive predator of native insects, posing a significant threat to honey bees and other pollinators. Accidentally introduced to France in 2004 and spreading rapidly.

What does it look like?
A distinctive hornet, smaller than our native species. A key feature is the almost entirely dark abdomen, except for the 4th segment which is yellow.

  • Slightly smaller than native hornet
  • Dark abdomen, 4th segment yellow
  • Bright yellow tips to legs (native hornet dark)
  • Entirely brown or black thorax  (native hornet more orange)
Asian Hornet

ASIAN HORNET WATCH – a new app launched to help people quickly and easily report sightings of this invasive species.

Download from the APPLE or ANDROID App stores free of charge.

A simple Monitoring Trap for the Asian Hornet
Follow the instructions at this link to build your own Asian Hornet monitoring traps.

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If you think you see an Asian Hornet
If you think you have seen an Asian Hornet take a picture and email it with details of where you saw it and your contact information to