Interested in keeping Bees?

BEEKEEPING is a fascinating and rewarding pastime. If you are thinking about becoming a beekeeper, the best place to begin is by talking with other beekeepers.

We strongly suggest coming to one of our regular meetings at Croxley Green.   This is a chance for you to meet highly experienced local bee keepers and get to know members who, like you, are new to the art and science of keeping bees. As a newcomer, you will be given the opportunity to see and handle bees.  And have a cup of tea.

You can email or telephone one of the Association committee members to let them know you are interested and if you are planning to come to a meeting.

If you then wish to take things further you may become a member of West Herts Beekeepers, and perhaps take one of our Training Courses.

Like any hobby, set-up costs can soon add up.  As a member of West Herts Beekeepers you will have access to preferential rates for beekeeping suppliers.  Membership fees are kept as low as possible, but do give you a monthly magazine from the British Beekeeping Association with lots of advice for new beekeepers and also insurance cover.

Help and Advice 
As well as contact with other beekeepers and learning opportunities at our meetings, we are able to provide advice and assistance in the following areas;

  1. Provision of bee related materials and supplies at discounted prices
  2. Specialised clothing
  3. Information on swarm removal and other bees
  4. Advice and guidance on bee diseases and other problems.

For any of the above simply Contact Us!