Prior to Covid-19, Members and visitors would meet twice a month at our apiary from May to October with all meetings ending with friendly discussion.

During the winter months we hold meetings and training (see the Training Courses page).

Coming soon…

April 24th – Talk and demonstration by Sue Lang, Honey Show Judge, Bedfordshire BKA

Sue will take us through the process of preparing honey and beeswax for the show bench. Even if we don’t wish to show our products there are hints and tips to make the best of what our bees have created.

Full details will be sent out to all WHBKA Members – check your email!

May 15th – Healthy Bee Day, Hertfordshire BKA

Each year, the HBKA hosts a Healthy Bee Day. The Eastern Regional Bee Inspector lead the Day with the help of Seasonal Bee Inspectors.

The Bee Inspectors will run through presentations providing up to date details of the various pests and diseases including those that are notifiable, and will demonstrate good husbandry practices to reduce the possibility of bee diseases being spread by the beekeeper.

They will have on hand samples of pests and diseases so that those attending can see and smell brood diseases first hand.

Full details will be sent out to all WHBKA Members – check your email!

So far this year…

March 20th – “Honeybee Behaviour and Water”

Water is critical to the wellbeing of the colony; it is not stored but a continuous supply is needed. This talk describes how the colony regulates water supply, the process of water collects, how to train bees away from a water source and gives an insight into some things a beekeeper might do to support the water needs of their bees.

West Herts Beekeepers at the Association Apiary