Training Courses

WHBKA – Introduction to Beekeeping Course

Our experienced members are happy to share their passion for beekeeping with those who may be interested in keeping bees. We welcome potential beekeepers to come and meet the bees and other members of the society at taster sessions throughout the summer. New members will be joining a friendly and committed group who believe that keeping bees is an enjoyable way of contributing to the sustainability of our local environment.

We invite Beginner Beekeepers as guests to “Meet the Bees Sessions” at the association apiary at Croxley Green. The workings of the bee colonies are demonstrated by experienced beekeepers.  Guests are provided with bee suits for the afternoon session and may observe or take a more active part. This is followed by tea and biscuits and a time to chat and ask questions We hope that all who enjoy the experience of these sessions will then join the Beginners Course.

In most years we organise the West Herts Introduction to Beekeeping Course from February to April but it may be earlier.  The course, with interesting visuals, is designed to provide prospective beekeepers with the knowledge and skills to keep and manage their first bees.  The course is based around a beginners’ beekeeping text and supported by additional specialist materials. The 2021 Course was held by Zoom to maintain Covid protocols but it is intended to be able to hold in a local village hall from 2022 onwards.

The Course includes practical sessions and is followed by hands on apiary sessions from April onwards, as soon as the weather is warm enough to open the association bee colonies. Beginner beekeepers are given careful advice on hive type and have access to Thorne’s 1st and 2nd grade equipment, priced with a substantial discount and available from the association stores. Beginners also have access to Sherriff and BBWear bee-suits with a West Herts discount. Assistance is provided in ordering a nucleus of bees. A more experienced beekeeper will act as mentor for the first year. Members of the Beginners Course become Country Members of the West Herts Beekeepers Association to receive the monthly BBKA magazine and then up-grade to full membership on receipt of first bees.

The course will provide a solid foundation for those who wish to progress onto the British Beekeepers Association’s Basic Assessment.

If you are interested in taking up the rewarding and practical craft of beekeeping, we should like to hear from you.

For more details on training options and requests to join West Herts Beekeepers’ Association please email us with your name, phone number and home location as follows:


We are currently taking names for summer 2022 “Meet the Bees Sessions”.

There may be some remaining places on the February Beginners course.